Let Food be thy Medicine & Medicine be thy Food


Anne Murray DipNT

Each consultation includes the following

Live Blood Analysis

A drop of blood is taken from the finger and placed under the microscope.  This special microscope allows the image to be projected onto a monitor to allow the client to see their own bood.  And the journey begins!

Dry Blood Analysis

Also known as the Oxidative Stress Test.  Blood is placed on a microscope slide and allowed to dry.  Once ready the dried blood can reveal abnormalities including degeneration, toxins and other imbalances.

Bio individuality

Find the foods that are right for you, a nutritional plan specific to your own biological individuality to optimise health, sleep, energy, vitality and general good health.

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Anne's testing is so comprehensive it enabled me to get to the root cause of my symptoms.  She provided a very thorough Health Plan that explained everything in detail & was easy to follow.  

Catherine, Claregalway

Even though I considered my diet very healthy and I supported my health with supplements, I was always confused about what supplements to take and worried that I should be taking more.  A consultation with Anne put my mind at rest and put me on the right path to feeling secure in my choices.  

Kate, Galway City

I would highly recommend that everyone take this health check once a year to check in with your inner health and ensure you are on the right path.  My testing revealed the reasons for my insomnia and with the right nutrients I was able to finally get a good nights sleep. 

Brian, Galway City

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Corporate Wellness Program

At Sláinte Wellness, we develop Corporate Wellness Programs to empower your employees to optimise their health and wellbeing, improve staff morale and productivity and reduce absenteeism.

The World Health Organisation recognises the workplace as a key priority setting for health promotion and the perfect setting to influence health behaviours due to workers spending a significant proportion of their lives at work. 

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