Covid19 Support

IT’S NOT ENOUGH TO RELY ON THE VACCINATION TO PROTECT YOU – the war against #Covid19 requires more arsenal in your health toolkit. 

Share these recommendations with your family and friends to ensure you all optimise your immune system this winter.

+ Vitamin D3 (10,000 iu per day) — enhances immunity, anti-inflammatory; a sub-optimal vitamin D status has been correlated with worse outcomes from COVID. It is best to test before supplementing.

+ Vitamin C (3-5 g per day) — supports various components of the immune system, shown to reduce exaggerated immune responses in COVID; evidence suggests a possible benefit in reducing thrombosis (clot) risk.

+ Zinc (25–50 mg per day) — anti-viral activity; regulates the development of immune cells; deficiency is associated with more COVID complications.

+ NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) [or glutathione] (1.5 g daily) — potent antioxidant effects which is crucial because excessive oxidative stress has been linked to enhanced viral spike protein binding to ACE2 receptors; supports liver detoxification.

- Or Milk Thistle — use a high strength preparation such as a fluid extract (1:1) or standardised silymarin content tablets or capsules.


+ Quercetin (500–1000 mg, twice daily) — impairs the binding of the viral spike protein to ACE2 receptors; reduces pro-inflammatory signals associated with COVID-19; inhibits COVID-19 viral replication; evidence to suggest that it inhibits coagulation (clotting). Similar action demonstrated to ivermectin.

Always be mindful of the four pillars of Health

+ Nutrition is Food - reduce sugar to an odd treat and increase fruit and vegetables.

+ Sleep is Essential - a minimum of 7/8 hours each night.

+ Movement is Medicine - 10,000 steps per day 

+ Stress is Debilitating - manage your stress by being aware and ensuring to include downtime in your daily routine.

If you are concerned about your health book a consultation and the testing will identify the strengths and weaknesses and enable the co-creation of a health plan that works for you. 


Source: CNM College, London

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