During a Consultation the focus will always be on the Person and not the Symptom.

What does this mean?

Nothing happens in the body in isolation and healing will not take place in isolation either.  The body is made up of trillions of cells that provide structure to the body, take in nutrients, eliminate waste and convert nutrients to energy.  The chemistry of the body allows for it to function and if and when the chemistry is out of balance e.g. the pH of the urine/saliva for example, the body will prioritise certain functions to enable survival and this is when health will begin to deteriorate as the body goes into survival mode rather than thriving mode.

The testing that I undertake with my clients helps me to understand where my clients current health is and where the possible imbalances are.  This testing provides the script for each individual Health Plan unique to each client.   

Digestion will always be my number one focus, without optimal digestion the food that you eat will not be broken down sufficiently to provide the nutrients the body requires.  The healthiest diet can often be poorly digested and therefore poorly assimilated and lead to deficiencies and extreme frustration.  When resources are low the body will have problems in many areas including sleep disturbances, reproductive problems, poor mental health and overall fatigue.

Don't hesitate, book a consultation today and together we will test your biological individuality which will provide the roadmap to your good health.