Corporate Wellness Program

Why incorporate a Workplace Wellbeing Policy into your Company Strategy?

“Health is created and lived by people within the settings of their everyday life; where they learn, work, play and love”(WHO)

There is currently a workplace revolution taking place and this is presenting companies with many challenges that they need to prepare for now and into the future.  Workplace Wellness is now a key priority for companies as it becomes widely acknowledged that the workplace is a key priority setting for health promotion.

Health is regarded by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a fundamental human right, the basic right of every individual from birth to death.

There is widespread agreement among global agencies, including WHO and the International Labour Organization (ILO) that the health, safety and well-being of workers, who make up nearly half the global population, is of paramount importance.

WHO recognises the workplace as a key priority setting for health promotion into the 21st century because workers spend a significant proportion of their lives at work.   In Ireland, the average person’s working life duration in 2019 was 40.7 years for men and to 33.9 years for women (Eurostat, 2020).

WHO’s number one reason for developing a healthy work framework is ‘it’s the right thing to do’, where they recognise the most basic of ethical principles deals with avoiding doing harm to others.  It is acknowledged that the workplace directly influences the physical, mental, economic, and social well-being of workers and in turn the health of their families, communities, and society. 

The second reason given by WHO is that it makes good business sense.  There is a strong business case to be made for ensuring that workers are mentally and physically healthy through health protection and promotion.  Each worker brings to work their own health status and it is within this complex web of individuality that the opportunity arises to influence and optimise the health of workers (Hodgins, 2016).

The Irish Government recognises the importance of supporting people's health in the workplace and is due to publish their 'Healthy Workplace Framework' in October 2021 as part of the Health Ireland agenda.

Companies are increasingly encouraged to integrate wellness into company policies and take a broader approach to the health of their employees.  Employers and organisations have a lot to gain from ensuring their employee’s health and wellbeing are a key priority when developing their organisation’s future strategy, a healthy workforce will potentially improve the overall cost of employee retention and sick pay leave by reducing absenteeism and improving employee productivity, morale, and loyalty.  Also, the skills shortage in particular sectors has required companies to change their offering to their employees and it has become as much about what an employee can do for a company as much as what a company can do for an employee.

The Sláinte Wellness 'Corporate Wellness Program'

The Sláinte Wellness 'Corporate Wellness Program' aims to educate and inspire your employees to take a salutogenesis approach to health by prioritising their health and wellbeing each day for longterm health gain for both their benefit and the benefit of your organisation.

This wellness program offers a comprehensive health assessment that assesses the health here and now and also identifies anomalies that could potentially present as ill health into the future.  Following on from the assessment your employee will be provided with Health Plan unique to their own individual needs that will guide and educate them to achieve optimal health.

Education is key, introductory talks on various aspects of both male and female health and health in general are available to educate and inform people on how to make good choices and decisions on a daily basis that will nourish and support their health.

The core aim of the program will focus on educating and informing your employees on the four pillars of health which include:

    1. Nutrition (is fuel)
    2. Sleep (is essential)
    3. Movement (is medicine)
    4. Stress (longterm, is damaging)

Nutrition consultations for your employees:

Nutrition is the foundation of good health, with the fast pace of life and juggling all the elements that life entails we often make poor choices when it comes to food.  The right food choices will ensure your employees are fit and healthy for their day at work, enabling them to have good energy to sustain them through the day; an optimised immune system to endure what health issues they are exposed to and a calm and clear thought process to make good decisions.

The Nutrition Consultation will include a number of tests to ascertain their present state of health and what could potentially be down the road; a Health Plan to remedy any imbalances that are presently occuring and a Food Plan of recommendations that are suited to each individual employee.

This Nutrition Consultation will ensure to put your employees on the right road to optimising health and wellbeing and in turn increase their ability to perform and be productive and mitigate the need for sick days.

All testing can take place on site.

Workplace Wellness Interventions:

The programe can include Workplace Wellness interventions to motivate your employees to participate in specific programs that may include improving their diet, increasing the amount of exercise in their day, improving their sleep environment and techniques to reduce and modulate stress.

If you are interested in a Workplace Wellbeing program for your company, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



    • Post Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion (Workplace Wellness) NUI Galway 2020 - 2021
    • Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, CNM College London 2011 - 2014
    • Graduateship of the Marketing Institute from the Marketing Institute of Ireland and delivered by the Dublin Institute of Technology 2004 - 2009

    Anne Murray is a qualified Nutrition and Wellness Coach based in Galway.  She is a member of the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland and holds a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy from CNM College, London and a Graduateship in Marketing from the Marketing Institute.  Anne has studied nutritional therapy for over ten years and in 2020 undertook a Postgraduate Certificate in Health Promotion (Workplace Wellness) from NUI Galway.  Anne is passionate about optimising health and wellbeing and takes a salutogenic approach to life with the aim to empower and enable her clients to live a full and happy life and avoid the constraints and strains of ill health.

    If you are interested in developing a Wellness Program for your staff, don’t hesitate to get in touch and together we will co-create a programme specific to your employees needs and empower your team to optimise their health and transform the energy of your team.