The Consultation & Health Plan

Initial Consultation and Testing

The initial consultation is very thorough investigation and involves a full medical health history, food diary, Live Blood and Dry Blood Analysis and testing that determines your biological individuality as we are all unique individuals.  

The testing that I undertake with my clients helps me to understand where my clients current health is and where the possible imbalances are.  The aim of the consultation and testing is to get to the root cause of symptoms presenting.  This testing provides the script for each individual Report and Health Plan unique to each client.   

Live Blood and Dry Blood Analysis

We are all individuals with a unique makeup and what works and heals for one individual can poison and cause disease in the next.  Our bodily fluids (blood, saliva, urine) can provide in depth information into the state of our health and allow a picture to develop of what areas of our health require attention and balancing.  There is no better fluid to give an insight into our health than blood.  

Live Blood Analysis

This technology always amazes clients as they see their own live blood on a video screen.  A pinprick of blood is taken from the clients finger and placed on a microscope slide and viewed under the microscope, the technology used enables the client to view the blood on a video screen.  See the image below to give you an example of what can be identified from the one drop of blood.

Dry Blood Analysis

Dry Blood Analysis also know as the Oxidative Stress Test is another very informative test that can provide information on the client's health at a deeper level. This Oxidative Stress Test can provide early indication of the extent of free radical damage/oxidative stress and toxins/heavy metal toxicity in the body.  See the image below for examples of anomalies that can be identified.


Bio-individuality Testing

Testing of the following biomarkers leads to understanding the current environment of the body:

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood glucose
  • pH of both saliva and urine
  • Breath rate & breath hold
  • Zinc test
  • Autonomic Nervous System

Digestion assessment

We are what we eat and assimilate, not necessarily what we eat. To ensure we are getting the maximum benefit from our food it is imperative that our digestion is optimal. Stomach acid, bile from the liver and pancreatic enzymes all need to be working in perfect harmony to ensure our food is digested and assimilated.

Hydration (electrolyte deficiency/ excess)

Daily water intake is crucial to ensure the body is sufficiently hydrated to function properly. The right balance of electrolytes and quality fluids is vital.

Stress response:

Do you cope well with the daily demands of life? Your body is programmed to switch between fight/flight and rest/repair, but chronic stress can cause burnout and deplete your resources. It is essential to keep your Autonomic Nervous System in balance.

Circadian Rhythm (Anabolic/Catabolic - cell membrane permeability)

Investigates how well the body moves between producing energy during the day and repairing at night.

Carbohydrate and Fat Metabolism

Your body can have a preferred food choice and lack the resources to digest a certain food causing health issues. The optimum metabolism of foods is vital for energy production, weight loss and mental health.

Too Acidic or Too Alkaline

The body always looks for balance and tending to be too acidic or too alkaline can disrupt energy production and cause oxidative stress.

This testing will help to identify where the imbalances are and what action needs to be taken to bring the body back into a balanced state to enable the body to heal.


The first consultation takes c.1.5 hours and I put a detailed Report and Health Plan together and email it to the client.  A follow-up consultation takes one hour.

To book:  email or phone 086 8033709