Trying to Conceive


25th July, 2023 : Free IVF treatment to be launched in Ireland in September in response to the demand resulting from the statistics that state around 1 in 6 heterosexual couples in Ireland may experience fertility problems.  Once again, the treatment is to go straight to the medication.   This is a fantastic initiative for couples who are experiencing difficulties, but it is not an easy journey and there are many couples excluded from this opportunity.

But is there another way?

The following is a broad overview of where I focus when working with clients hoping to conceive.

Do they eat to provide Fuel for the body or drain the body of vital resources by eating highly processed food? Is digestion optimal? Are blood sugars balanced?  

Are they sufficiently Hydrated? – KG /8 x 0.25 = your required water intake per day.

Is Sleep prioritised? – 7/8 hours sleep per night?  Do they remember their dreams? Do they snore? Do they mouth breathe and wake with a dry mouth?

Is Exercise part of their daily schedule?

Stress, stress, stress??? – elevated cortisol and adrenaline reduce the production of progesterone, the hormone that sustains pregnancy.

Alcohol – regular consumption of alcohol depletes nutrients especially B Vitamins and good gut bacteria, puts pressure on the liver, increases the production of oestrogen and dehydrates the body.

Contraception – the combined contraceptive pill depletes nutrients.   I recommend coming off the pill for at least 6 months before conceiving.

GP Bloods – I ask all clients to bring their latest GP bloods, which form a major part of the consultation.

There is a lot to consider but it is not just for couples hoping to start a family, this is choosing health – the Salutogenic approach to life and it is not to be feared as a life of restriction but seen as a fantastic journey to feeling great and living your best life!!

If you are interested in a Nutrition Consultation, drop me a PM or email it’s a great place to start your health journey and I would be delighted to work with you.

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